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History of Lancashire

This is a summary in date order of the information contained within the Victoria History of the County of Lancaster. It was published in 1906 and consists of eight volumes describing the inhabitants of the county which was taken from actual documentary evidence. References are to Volume 4 of History of Lancashire unless otherwise stated
1550 - 1599
1550 Robert Holt of Stubley, the elder, remitted all right to John Bradell to 3 messuages and land etc in Whalley on receipt of 100( Ref Lanc Fines p82)
1551 Thomas Holt claimed his right to lands granted to him by Henry VIII in Cockersand which were in the possession of William Preston and Janet Preaston widow(vol 8 p100)
1552 Sir Thomas Holte among others was commissioned to survey church goods. A chantry in Preswick church, Walworth chantry, was noted in the commission - Trustram Howlyng made an answer. Thomas Holt kt and Richard Radclyff gave George Chatherton 40 for 8 messuages and land in Nuthurst and Assheton under Lyne.(Ref Lanc Fines p 97)
1553 Military Muster - for Salford, Sir Thomas Holt was one of the leaders.The quota of men for Salford was 350 in total.
1554 Will of Thomas Holt of Gristlehurst. It mentions son and heir Francis, but also his brother Robert Holt and Thomas`s younger son Ralph.(p175). Robert Holt of Stubley died holding manor and land in Hundersfield (p203), Spotland, Castleton, 80 messuages, 3 watermills, 4 fulling mills, plus land in Bury, Butterworth, Middleton and Tottington. (p223). See also1544 settlements and 1556
Thomas Hesketh kt, Francis Holt, Gilbert Gerrard and Gearge Dumbell on payment of 400 marks to John Holcroft kt obtained the manor of Pesfurlong, 160 messuages and land etc in Culcheth, Pesfurlong, Penyngton and Lawton ( Ref Lanc Fines p116)
1556 Robert Holt the younger, his nephew, succeeded but died in 1556, his heir being Robert (son of William Holt of Whitwell near Bury), aged 50 - Alan Holt must have died also I guess. Robert Holt the younger made provision for his wife and daughters of part of his messuages.(p223) A pedigree of William Holt of Whitwell shows him as the son of John, younger brother of Christopher.
Robert del Holt of Stubley`s daughter Alice, married John, son of Thomas Greenheigh.(p134)
Littleborough chapel was regained by the inhabitants after seizure by the Kings Commissioners in 1553 and Robert Holt of Stubley bought back the bell and allotted the seats. (HR P190)
1557 Charles Holt of Stubley had land in Belfield (p215).
Charles Holt (heir of Robert Holt) and his wife Mary, were granted by Robert Holt and Isabella 5 messuages and land in Bury Houerfeld and Castleton for 400 marks (Ref Lanc Fines p131). (p132)Robert Holt and Isabella also remitted all right to 22 messuages and land etc in Honersfeld, Butterworthe, Spotland, Castleton, Bury and Myddelton to Robert Barton, Richard Holt and Edmund Mylne on payment of 40. Holt Hall in Rusholme (or Withington)was owned by John Bamford who died in 1557.It then passed to his daughter Anne who married George Birch and it has since descended with Birch.(p308)
1558 Robert Holt remitted all right to 2a. of land in Spotland to John Shepperd and Isabella his wife on receipt of 20 (Ref Lanc Fines p157)
1559 Robert Holt ( think of Gristlehurst descent?) died leaving sons Robert and William, brother Richard (of Ashworth), and 3 daughters. (p178). Also he left money for repairs to church/chapel of St James (p179). James Bamford died holding messuages etc in Spotland of Robert Holt (p209) Thomas Butterworth of "The Holt" in Butterworth/Milnrow died and many disputes over it followed. It is suggested that Holts originally lived there and changed their name to Butterworth.
1560 Sir Robert Holt appealed to the chancellor re Popethorne - the rector had not kept his agreement (p 79).
1561 Robert Holt of Stubley died (see 1556 entry) holding lands in Bury (p131) and messuages in Middleton (p173). He left his estates to son Charles, who married Mary, a sister and co-heir of the Robert Holt who died in 1556 ( p223).
Sir Thomas Holts tenants William Preston and others were in dispute over use of Hey Carr pastureland (vol 8 p100)
1562 Thomas Holt of Gristlehurst held Naden of Charles Holt of Stubley (p206). Thomas died holding large areas of land, Charles Holt held smaller areas. Thomas`s heir was son Francis age 38. The inquisition gives a full list of his lands (p175). Holts of Gristlehurst obtained lands in Falings in inquisition (p210).
1563 Edward Holt and Robert Prestwich were curates under Thomas Herle, the warden. Edward was also noted as receiver in 1570 - vol. 4 p198 (Ducatus Lanc.Rec. Com.,ii,389)
1564 Francis Holt purchased land in Spotland. Robert Holt purchased land in Spotland and Rochdale (p212)
1565 Robert Holt, grandson of Charles Holt of Stubley, was married to Alice Gartside. She had inherited lands in Balderstone I think. This Robert Holt was not the son of Thomas of the fine? of 1579.
1566 Roger Gartside made Robert Holt - son of R Holt who died in 1559 - marry his daughter Agnes, who was later buried at Middleton in 1594 (p178).
1567 A pedigree of James Holt recorded (p175).
1574 Tunstead - Robert Duerden claimed lands etc against Francis Holt (vol 6).
1575 1575 Francis Holt of Gristlehurst was High Sheriff of Lancashire.
Lands in Castleton passed to Ottiwell Holt of Brimrod - Holt of Mosside Marland - pedigree in Fishwick (p204). Francis Holt purchased 8 messuages and lands in Whitworth and Spotland (p211). Francis Holt had to make good his title to lands in Spotland and Hundersfield against the daughters and co-heirs of Geoffrey (p211).
1576 John Holt heir of Robert Holt of Stubley and the son of Samuel Holt had lands in Balderstone, Castleton and Hundersfield at age 16(p204).
1577 William Holt MA - mission re Queen of Scots and son King James. In 1583 he was tortured, liberated abroad in 1584 and died in Barcelona in 1599 (p209).
1578 Thomas Holt of York born (Dict. Nat. Biog.) - reputed to be the architect of Stonyhurst in the Blackburn Hundred, also see 1618. Charles Holt purchased more land (p205). Cronton manor (West Derby hundred) was mentioned in a settlement as part of the property of Francis Holt. (see vol 3)
1579 Partition/sale of lands in Castleton involved Charles, John and Thomas Holt, Robert his son and others (p204).
1580 Thomas Holt and wife Constance sold messuage in Compton - land in Crompton called Gartside, had been granted to Holt of Gristlehurst (p110). Richard Molyneux complained of intrusion in the Hey Carr pastureland (see 1561 above) by Francis Holt. The reply was as before that the owner of the Grange had the right (vol 8 p100)
1581 Robert Holt of Fieldhouse occurs (p226).
1585 Note of settlement by Robert Holt on marriage of his daughter Mary to Thomas son of John Greenhaigh (p134).
1586 Robert Holt`s lands in Denton, Heaton and Prestwich acquired by Geoffrey Hardman (p79). A settlement made of the estates of Thomas Kay in Warmasley, by himself, wife Anne, Richard Kaye, Charles Holt and Mary his wife (p142).
1587 A dispute recorded over provision made by father, for Anne Bradshaw, wife of Thomas Holt of Hagley, Bucks(p271) Francis and son Thomas Holt sold manor of Cronton (see vol 3.Sales by the Holts are recorded in Pal of Lanc. Feet of F.bdl 43,m118). Jesuit Father Holt with some other religious exiles, sent Richard Hesketh to sound out the chances of securing a successor to Elizabeth I who would mitigate the persecution laws and allow liberty of worship. Lord Derby handed Hesketh to the authorities and he was executed in1593(vol 3).
1588 Some Rochdale lands settled on Francis Holt (p178).
1592 Charles Holt died (see 1561) - heir son John age 15, already married to Winifred daughter of Richard Asheton of Middleton (p223). The remainder went to Charles`s brother Francis and his uncle Charles.
1594 Roger Holt of Bridge Hall nr. Bury died holding 2 acres in Whiteacre (Whittaker) in Clegg (p221), lands at Stoke Hill in Middleton, 2 messuuages in Middleton called Starkhull(p173), Fielden in Huddersfield and Bridge Hall. Roger`s son Richard died before him, the heir was Richards son Roger aged 11 years (p137).
1595 Alice Holt wife of John Greenhaigh was one of Robert Holt`s daughters and heirs to lands in Alden, Holcombe and Blacklow. Margaret another daughter was wife of John Belfield. A messuage called Fearnes and lands was held of John Holt(p147).
1596 Richard Holt born, son of Robert and Mary, grandson of Robert and Agnes- see 1566(p178).
1597 Thomas Holt contributed to a subsidy
1598 The Holt family probably sold properties in the West Derby Hundred, recorded in Richard Hawarden,Pal.of Lanc.Feet of F.bdl.43,m118.
1599 William Holt, the Jesuit died.
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