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Little Mitton Hall

In 1664 it was sold to Alexander Holt of Gristlehurst and when William Holt died in 1737 one of his daughters, Elizabeth, inherited the hall and subsequently passed by Marriage to the Richard Beaumont of Whitley on 13 January 1747.. This was an ancient manorial hall of the age of Henry VII and situated 3 miles south of Clitheroe. It is sometimes called Mytton Hall.
Whitaker stated in the History of Whalley that the hall was 30 feet long and 24 feet wide and has an open timbered roof 18 ft high to the wall plate. The hall had an embayed window, screen, and gallery over it with one of the finest Gothic rooms seen in a private house. The screen-work was extremely rich which was of later date than the rest of the wood-work. The panels of the screen are carved, in pretty bold relief, ten heads, male and female, within medallions, possibly intended for portraits and in the others are the initials T.D.H.. The minstrel gallery appears to be an afterthought of the Jacobean era.
A large part of the house was rebuilt about 1844 and further alterations were made in 1874.
Litton Mitton Hall Litton Mitton Hall
Litton Mitton Hall Litton Mitton Hall
Litton Mitton Hall - East Front Litton Mitton Hall
Ground floor plan of Little Mitton Hall Little Mitton Hall - Floor Plan
Map of Mitton Hall 1896 Little Mitton Hall - Map
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